What is coaching?

We’ve all had coaches in our lives. We’ve probably even been a coach to someone else. Think about the most inspiring people in your life – present and past. Think about how they supported you. Guided you. Encouraged you. Showed you a path. Someone like a school teacher, sports coach, family member or best friend. Someone who was able to see what you weren’t able to see. Someone who believed in you a bit more than you believed in yourself. Someone who had been there before. 

Coaches come and go to help you grow and since the only constant in life is change, it’s important to bring along fresh perspectives. A coach can help you learn to become aware of the tools you already have (as well as new ones), to make positive changes in your life. Your Favourite Life coaching services are designed to meet you where you’re at, establish where you want to go and strategize a plan to build new bridges and teach yourself how you can get there on your own. Together we’ll chat about the areas of your life you’d like to improve the most, present road blocks and desires, and get you on your way to living – Your Favourite Life.

Each session usually begins with some brief breath work to let go of the day, grounding ourselves so we can enter a receptive, present state. By the end of the session(s), you will have a personalized plan that speaks to you and nurtures and guides you on your road to success. Some homework may include: reflective meditations, guided meditations, journaling, breath work, movement, new morning & evening routines, and possibly even some challenges.

Remember, nobody’s perfect – everyone is a work in progress. We all have flaws or qualities about ourselves we are working on. It’s important to recognize our physical habits and our recurring thought patterns and learn how we can modify them. I will offer my knowledge and skills as a strategist, problem solver, coach and help you become more organized, balanced, and motivated in creating Your Favourite Life.