Team building

Improv & Drama Events

Maybe you miss summer camp. Maybe you never went to summer camp. Here’s your chance. YFL offers a variety of playful and stimulating drama games. These games help build trust, spontaneity, story telling and more. Book your own groups team building session or attend one of the community drop in classes.

Drum circles

Simple yet spontaneous, building a beat with a group of people creates unity. It builds on focus, relaxation and tapping into our feelings (including our heartbeat). 

Dragon Boat Team Building

Treat your team to a soothing and adventurous paddle on Kempenfelt Bay in a 20 person Dragon Boat. Learn technique and the ability to work in unison with 20 people. Split your group into two or three teams and enjoy some fun competition through some on water racing. Available from June 1st – Oct 1st. For more information, visit: