Coaching & Mentorship

Time For a new Adventure?

Your Favourite Life coaching can be tailored towards: 

Developing New Productive and Positive Habits, Building & Achieving Goals/Dreams, Self-Discovery, Mindfulness and Meditation, Creative Expression, Social Skill Development, Energy Management & more.


Discovery Call (Free)

25 minutes

A discussion to break the ice and build rapport. We can talk about your motivations, what drew you to coaching and answer any questions you have about your favourite life. Share with me what you are looking to improve in your life or your relationships, as well as any present problems that are causing worry, confusion and stress.





Starter Program

3 Separate Sessions (3 Hours)

These sessions are designed as a package because each session builds off the previous. Designed for both short term and long term goals. Think of it as someone to help you along the way and hold you accountable. I can help strategize with you and tweak your moves and provide feedback on your ideas and transformation. 

We also have the option to use a unique neuro-linguistic modality known as “a script” which helps re-train the subconsious mind (how we think, how we feel, what we believe about ourselves/the world and what we expect is going to happen). “The Script” can be taken home and used as an audio tool to develop stronger intention, will power and confidence. Designed for a “bridge” that needs a little extra love and strength to bring you to your next chapter.

Maintenance Program

1 Session (1 Hour)

These sessions are designed for short term goals and adjustments. Maybe your very first session, maybe a “check in” on your progress or whenever you feel you need an extra push. Maybe a tune up on the bridge you are creating to move to the next chapter of your life. Designed to move at your own pace and when you need support. 

Sessions can be done in person (at my office downtown Barrie) OR via the computer (audio or video) through a secure encrypted online platform.

Payment can be made via e-transfer or cash.

Recognize and develop your support tools, establish your vision and begin to implement the corresponding behaviours each day. Improve your quality of life by creating Your Favourite Life